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Barker Shoes was established in 1880 when Arthur Barker set up in Northamptonshire, the heart of shoe-manufacturing in the United Kingdom.  The shoe which was particularly popular was the waterproof peg sole boot. These were sought after because of the uniqueness of the waterproof mechanism. This special product set the Barker brand up well into the next two centuries and Barker is now a highly reputable and successful company, still producing top quality mens shoes and boots and employing hundreds of skilled craftsmen from around the UK. The factory of 1986 is cleverly designed to enable the output of the finest quality mens shoes. For example, as you probably know, natural light is a key ingredient for natural leather grading. The windows in the factory are cleverly positioned to enable the most amount of light to be concentrated onto the shoes after they have been manufactured, so that the Goodyear welted leather shoes mature in the correct way. Today, Barker shoes are widely recognised throughout the world for their superb quality, durability and comfort. Barker’s craftsmen produce approximately 200,000 pairs of shoes every year. They use machines for certain stages in the manufacturing process but every shoe is hand lasted sewn by one of the craftsmen. The formula is so simple but effective: skilled craftsmen combined with fine materials!