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Meyer Sustainability


A clear commitment to responsible fashion – Meyers sustainable philosophy.

Consistently responsible

Meyer takes responsibility for the conditions under which their trousers are made. They consistently believe in fashion that cares about people and the environment. Just like more and more of our customers, we choose clothing that is not short-lived. That’s how Meyers trousers are made. Trousers just how they should be. Sustainable, European, fair.

Sustainable all round - Meyers compass

Be it the materials used or the area of manufacture - in a comprehensive analysis, Meyer permanently check every aspect of the company for its sustainability. MEYER-HOSEN AG is already climate neutral. They also set this goal for their products. By using organic cotton alone, Meyer significantly reduce their CO² footprint compared to conventional cotton.

MEYER quality

Meyer strive to fulfil our quality promise every day. After all, for Meyer quality also means the continuous further development of their company processes to really implement sustainability.


A purely organic approach is the healthier and more sustainable concept, especially with cotton. It’s better for people and the environment – better for everyone.

Pure nature

Controlled organically cultivated cotton is a pure natural product. The cultivation methods are also purely natural, as chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers are completely forbidden. Genetically modified plants must not be used to produce organic cotton.

Ecological added value

Organic cotton protects our water resources. This is because the naturally farmed soil is healthier and stores water more effectively. Biodiversity is promoted. In addition, regional value creation means that the development of local communities is strengthened – a vital alternative to a problematic trend towards globalisation.

Experience organic up close

Meyers organic cotton consists of long-staple fibres. The trousers made from this are more robust and last longer. This is also good for the environment. And it feels good to wear pure nature against your skin.


Meyer already offer transparency in their supply chain. Using a unique product ID on our trousers, you can trace back to precisely where the item was produced.

Verified safety

The MADE IN GREEN label gives you assurance that the textile product was produced using materials tested for harmful substances in environmentally friendly businesses and in safe and socially acceptable workplaces.

Sustainability check

Simply scan the QR code with a smartphone and find out more. A map shows you where the individual production steps for making the trousers took place. And it’s easier for you to make a sustainable purchase decision.


We can tell you precisely where our trousers come from – and how they were made. They come exclusively from Meyers own European production. And are made in a fair and environmentally conscious manner.

European quality

Meyer manufactures exclusively in their own European production. Modern technology and craftsmanship go hand in hand here. However, it’s above all the passion of Meyers employees that give trousers real MEYER quality.

Responsibility for people and the environment

Meyer not only ensure outstanding quality but also take responsibility. Compliance with international social and ecological standards in their own European production is very important to Meyer. This is why Meyer undergo regular external inspections as part of numerous certifications.

Quality in every detail!

Meyers trousers are created with the utmost care and with the firm belief that fashion should be produced responsibly. Meyers quality promise: the utmost precision, permanent inspections and perfect quality – in every detail!


A reliable way to achieve more sustainability in textile production. The Fairtrade Cotton Mark guarantees fairer conditions and better transparency along the entire supply chain. From the farmer who grows the cotton to the seamstress who makes the trousers.

The Fairtrade Cotton Mark

All of the cotton has been grown by Fairtrade producers and certified and traded according to Fairtrade standards. Fairtrade promotes better working and living conditions for cotton producers as well as environmental protection. More info:

Fairtrade follows fixed rules

Stable minimum prices help farmers to cover the costs of sustainable production. A Fairtrade premium strengthens social joint projects on site. Our production is also environmentally friendly – in line with modern standards. Using water in the most efficient way possible.

Social, ecological, economic aspects

Regulated working conditions. Environmentally friendly cultivation. Protection of natural resources and a ban on harmful pesticides. No genetically modified seeds. Promotion of organic cultivation with the organic premium. Ban on exploitative child labour and discrimination. Transparent trade relationships. Pre-financing of the crop.

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